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Oderich in the chain of good against Covid-19

Conservas Oderich joined the initiative of the educational institutions from Pelotas UFPel, UCPel and IFSul and Biri Refrigerantes in the production and packaging of hand sanitizer.
Since last week, the universities of Pelotas and the Federal Institute Riograndense have been producing hand sanitizer to distribute to health professionals who are at the forefront in treating suspects and those infected by Covid-19. The product that is being filled in the Biri Refrigerantes factory in Pelotas needed to be divided into smaller and more practical packages and it was at this moment that Oderich was activated. The company, which has a branch in the city, donated thousands of empty ketchup containers to fill the hand sanitizer that will supply hospitals and units of the Unified Health System (SUS) in Pelotas and region.