Adolph Oderich arrived in Brazil.

Oderich’s long history begins on June 1st, 1879. It was on this date, over a century ago, that the young German, Adolph Oderich, who was 22 years old at the time, landed in Porto Alegre from the city of Wittenburg, at the invitation of an exporting company from Hamburg, to work as a Travelling Salesman. Young Adolph moved to São Sebastião do Caí, got married and had five children: Max, Ernesto, Carlos Henrique, Irene and Irma. He opened a general store in the town and then opened a lard refinement center. The lard’s homogenous and superior standard, sold under the brand Sol, quickly gained notoriety.

With an entrepreneur spirit and demonstrating that he was a great visionary, he nurtured his children with the principle of dynamism and innovation.


Foundation of the Carlos H. Oderich & Co.
This year, Adolph’s oldest son went to Germany to study meat curing. He returned excited to establish the first company in Brazil, and third in the world, in canned food. As a pioneer, Oderich reached exponential growth over the next decades, reaching a production of one million kilos of pork by-products a year. Its portfolio included sausages, bacon, ham, pork cheese, broths and soups, thus opening new markets in the country and abroad.



Innovation and surprising results
Joining other companies in the industry, Oderich establishes the Frigoríficos Nacionais Sul-Brasileiros S/A company. The project installed in Canoas was responsible for a major increase for the company during its early years. 



Keeping your roots is essential.
Without any children of his own, Carlos H. Oderich prepared his godson, Carlos Henrique Oderich Sobrinho, the son of his brother Ernesto, to perpetuate the company’s legacy. Carlos Henrique Oderich Sobrinho takes the company to the next level when in 1956, left Frigoríficos Nacionais SA group of companies, changed the company name to Conservas Oderich S/A and issued shares on the stock market.



Expansion with ethics and quality.
In order to remain active in the market, as well as ensure its ethical principles, Oderich, with boldness and perseverance, repositioned the brand after 1970.


The 80's

A new expansion cycle.
The 4th generation lead Oderich in different areas by the siblings Cláudio, Lúcia and Marcos, children of Carlos Henrique Oderich Sobrinho and Elisabetha Augusta Muller Oderich, and responsible for leading Oderich into a new expansion cycle and the care with the brand and commitment with the values of its founder: ethics, quality and entrepreneurship.


The 90's

The first branch.
In 1997 the first Oderich branch is established in the city of Pelotas. The tradition of making sweet preserves in the region motivated the group’s initiative in installing a company focused on this segment.
In addition to good agricultural practices, the company developed a partnership with local producers for the peach, pumpkin, sweet potato harvests, among others, promoting the industrial process and the growth of the region.
Upon completing 90 years of existence in 1998, Oderich launches its mayonnaise. The product introduces the Oderich brand to a new generation of consumers, substantially increasing its sales with much success.


The 2000s

New challenges.
With the arrival of chicken sausages– refrigerated and in bulk –, the demand for canned beef suffered a blow. The alternative was to seek the international market. This approach leveraged the company’s exports. Nowadays, Oderich brand is present in over 60 countries.



Beginning of activities at the Eldorado do Sul Unit.
This unit is responsible for the manufacturing of metallic packaging. Its production capacity is of 300 million cans/years in various shapes.
Ensuring autonomy over one of the most important phases in the productive chain, Oderich innovated with the creation of the rectangular ham can, which facilitates the removal of the meat from its packing.


New opportunities.
In 2005, the company’s administration saw an opportunity for expansion in Goiás, due to its geographic location and climate conditions favorable for vegetable cultivation.
In 2006, the company installed its 3rd branch in the city of Orizona, starting the production of tomato pulp. Afterwards, the sweet corn and pea preserve production line was installed.
In 2008, Oderich expanded its mix of products, also producing pineapple, mixed vegetables and frozen vegetables.


A story of success.
From 1908 to 2008, Oderich has a story filled with achievements, accomplishments and success.
Many values have contributed to the consolidation of the Oderich brand as a leading company with international excellence, but undoubtedly, the human potential was the key value throughout this process.
During 2008, Oderich acquired the structure to install its new administrative area and the distribution center in São Sebastião do Caí.



The expansion of the area of warehouses through the construction of new buildings in the distribution center optimized the shipment of products, generating savings for the company and better working conditions for the employees. 



Quality and training.
Oderich continues to invest in equipment, modern technologies and the professional training of its employees to increase and qualify its production, obtaining international certifications in food safety and thus conquering more demanding markets.


5th generation

In order to continue winning the battle against time, the 5th generation is being prepared to take over with the same values and entrepreneurial spirit of previous generations.
Already known, the company’s visual identity has always had “Sol” as its icon.
Radiant, the star finds its own way of becoming eternal, keeping itself alive through the intense glow it emits.
Oderich has a brand whose light has traveled through long paths and has achieved a permanent place of prominence among the large companies of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil.